czwartek, 26 czerwca 2014

Sempervivum (rojnik)

        One of my favorite green plants is sempervivum. It is juicy, lush green and not very demanding. 

and the second one :)

czwartek, 19 czerwca 2014

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

         I always thought that Woody Allen's movies are not for me. That I will not be able to understand the things which he wants to convey through his movies. That they may be too difficult for me.

          Recently, I saw "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". It is a story of two American girls Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Christina (Scarlett Johansson) who come to Barcelona for vacation and fall in love with the same guy Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem). The two girls are different. Christina wants passion and hates boredom and Vicky wants to spend her life with the man who suits her. Juan invites two friends for a couple of days to go to Oviedo. Christina moves to Juan's house and during that time Vicky gets married. 

          However, things do not go the way the girls plan. Vicky despite thinking that it doesn't make sense still dreams about Juan and Christina finds out that she is not as open minded as she thought. They are still confused the the Summer ends and they do not know what to do next. 

           The movie spoke to me. I can relate to the story quite easily. I can understand that we are sometimes looking for something even though we do not know what that thing is. And that everything makes us unhappy because we feel that it is not the thing we were looking for. Even though we still don't what we want. It is a paradox and it can be very tiresome to live like that. And on the other hand you may want something very badly and after experiencing something different it turns out that the thing you always desired is not so exciting anymore.

          This story, although so simple has many, many depths and can aspire contemplation o life.

The poster

czwartek, 12 czerwca 2014

Passage of time

              We take time for granted.

When we are small we can hardly wait to get older. We hate when people say that we are too young to understand something. Days drag and we celebrate our birthdays loving the passage of time. We cannot wait for the next one.

When we get older, the time slows down. We notice the passage now. People we know and love start to leave us. We realise that your body gets older. "I'm not as young as I used to be" we say sometimes.

Still we postpone doing things. There is never a good time to realise some of our dreams. We know that the clock is ticking but we still delude ourselves that we have plenty of time, that we will live forever.

And then we find out that we are sick, terminally sick. And the time seems to be slipping away. And suddenly we would love to do hundreds of things we never had time to do before. But it is too late now. We have no more strength to do it, no more days.

So get up now and do it.

czwartek, 5 czerwca 2014

Potter's wheel

          While learning pottery I decided to learn something about potter's wheel. I used many short instruction films on YouTube and it all looked so easy when the profesionals did it. 

          Well,  it is not so easy :)

          I tried it a few times before I decided that to try other things made of clay. 

        However, I managed to make one thing which was worth keeping. I cannot really name this thing but maybe I will be able to use it for something.

         In October I will perhaps try to learn again.

My invention