czwartek, 26 marca 2015


              Sometimes I feel like an animal trapped in a cage. I should be outside roaming the streets, traveling, meeting new and exciting people, collecting stories. But I'm not doing that. I'm trading this for quiet, comfortable life and 9-7 job. 

And here I am. Meeting noone (almost), visiting the same places in my city, trying laboriously to do something with myself. To find something to fill my time. But the time should not be filled. It should be cherished and spend well if there only is a chance. We have too little time to waste it.

And the world is so big and there are so many things to do and try :)

czwartek, 19 marca 2015

Khajuraho, Monuments

                  Far away from New Delhi (it took me all night to get there) lies a very old town called Khajuraho. It's not a big place and not very populated by indian standards, but it was introduced to the world in the 19th century by General Alexander Cunningham. After visiting the place he described Khajuraho to the public as a very beautiful place. Especially the temples, which are now one of the most popular destination for tourist in India and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The temples are divided into three groups: western, eastern and southern. You can visit them all but the simplest to see are the Western temples. They have an audio tour, which is excellent and can provide many interesting information as well as explanation to the beautiful temples and carvings you will see. The whole complex is now set in a park like fashion. It's not the original design but an idea that admiring the temples is much easier and more enjoyable when surrounded by grass, trees and flowers. They also provide some escape from the sweltering heat.

The temples became very popular mainly because of their sexual carvings. Some of them are very explicit showing sex with animals, various sexual positions (some very acrobatic :), masturbation etc. Noone can definately explain why such carvings appear in a place of worship, however, there are many other sculptures showing regular life like: work in the fields, festivals, home life. Because sex is such an important part of our existance, why not include it here as well.

It takes a while to see the temples, especially if you want to see every detail. And it's so worth seeing all the details you can manage. The temples are beautiful, the scenes depicted so perfectly crafted, the grandeur undeniable. It's a wonderful place to loose yourself, far away from big crowds (yes, you can manage that), and transport yourself to the medieval times.
The Western group of temples

The temples seen from a nearby Japanese restaurant

The Lakshmana temple from far away

The Lakshmana temple

The carvings

The carvings

The carvings

The carvings

czwartek, 12 marca 2015

Enjoy the silence

           Well, it seems that I cannot enjoy the silence. I wish I could. But everytime I try to sit in silence I have all those bad thoughts, or strange thoughts or the unpleasent ones. The silence oppress me. And I dread it.

That is why I listen to audiobooks. I need constant background voice, even if I am not doing justice to the book. I just need it.

I listen to someting while commuting to work, while cleaning, bathing and even when I'm falling asleep. I cannot stop.

But how can you figure anything out when you are constantly surrounded by noise?

czwartek, 5 marca 2015

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

         When I was about 8 my older sister took me to the cinema. It might not have been the first time but I cannot recall earlier visits. We went to see "Robin Hood: Prince of thieves". I remember seeing the big screen, rows of seats and quite a big number of people. The cinema was cold. I remember the lights going out and first sounds coming from the loudspeakers (that was an old cinema, so there were only two). I can still remember the song which was played at the beggining. My sister was reading the subtitles to me very quietly, because I couldn't read them fast enough ;)

And then something happened to me, I don't know exactly how and why, but it was such a wonderful feeling. To be in that place, to watch the actors (I didn't even know who actors were at that time) fighting, riding horses, dancing. To like some characters and to hate the others. Later I went to the cinema again to see the movie one more time.

And from that first visit, I cought the "movie bug". I still love the darkness when the lights go out, the first notes of music, the anticipation, the new and wonderful world in front of me.

Here I would like to share my love for movies (and not only). To write about some of my favorite ones.

And my favorite villain - Sheriff of Nottingham