czwartek, 26 grudnia 2013

Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve

             There is a very magical place in in the north part of the city Poznań. A place which came to be thousands of years ago. 

             On some point in the history of the world the meteorites were showering the earth and a few of them landed in the Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve in Poznań, Poland. Over the years the scenery around the craters changed but they themselves stayed pretty much the same. Now there is a beautiful wood around it with all those meteorite lakes in them. 

              Quite a magical place to visit and walk around :)

On my way to the Reserve

Entering the Reserve

A parking along the way

The biggest lake (a bit obscure)

One of the little lakes (from Internet)

A deer met along the way

The way home

My city from the heel

czwartek, 19 grudnia 2013


         My next project were ... stars :)

       I decided to make a small decoration made up of little stars. I made the stars using baking utensils. After I made them I connected them all together using a little bit of water. I arranged them the way I wanted and later I added some color.

        I cannot wait for it to be fire. I will put it on the wall in my bedroom.

Before putting some colors

With some colors :) Next step ... firing

After firing

czwartek, 12 grudnia 2013


            I have always liked Stephen King's and his style of writing. He has this rare gift of comming inside people's heads and discovering their fears. That's why he writes great, scary books. Because he KNOWS what scares us and he uses it.

           My number one book is Dolores Claiborne (about which I wrote earlier) and my second favorite book is Misery

            The book tells a story of a famous writer (maybe King wanted to let some crazy fans of his know that he doesn't appreciate them that much) Paul Sheldon, who has a very serious car accident in the middle of nowhere in Winter. He would surely died if it wasn't for a good, kind and very strong Annie Wilkes, who rescues him and carries him to her house. Luckily she is a nurse and she tends to Paul most perfectly. Until ... (because there has to be the until) she turns out to be completly mad. The rest I will not reveal :)

               In that case also the movie was great, what doesn't often happen when the book and movie meet. Kathie Bates gave a magnificent performance and not surprisingly she reveived the Academy Award for it. The movie is scary and it makes you wonder what happens in such people heads.

Perfect Kathy Bates as Annie

czwartek, 5 grudnia 2013

Slaughterhouse Five

              I have read, or rather listened to, that book many times. Once in a while I simply have to come back to it. It is a book about coping with fear and bad situations in life. It is a bout our frail psyche and of how much we can stand.

Everytime I listen to the book I discover something new and I hope that I understand something more. This book is not easy, but beatiful. It is "Slaughterhouse-Five" by  Kurt Vonnegut. It is a must read.

P.S. I listed to the book read by Ethan Hawke. His read makes a second place on the best read books I have ever heard. First one belongs to Stephen Fry.

czwartek, 28 listopada 2013

Twilight (saga)

               Once in a while a book appears and it becomes an instant success almost anywhere it is published. People read it, queue to buy another part, filmmakers try to secure the rights to film it, and the author, from an unknown person, becomes a celebrity. That was, undoubtedly, a case with Twilight saga books.

I first heard about the books after seeing the movie (again). And I even didn't know what movie it was, but watched it but accident. I quite liked it (unlike the rest of the movies). It was an interesting love story with the usual dilemma (in this case: turn her or not) and quite good acting (unlike the rest of the movies). But, going back to the book.

After seeing the film and becoming interested in the story I naturally turned to the books (to audiobooks to be more specific). I would listen to the story almost all day and felt very unhappy when I had to stop to do something else. In fact I have listened to the books many times since the first time, and I will probably come back to it again in a while. I was gripped by the story and the characters. The more I read the more fascinating it became.

I liked that the author reveals details about the characters slowly. We first get to know Bella'sEdward's and Carlisle's stories. Later on Esme tells her tale fallowed by Emmett and Alice. In the third book we find out more about Jasper and Rosalie. They all come from different backgrounds, different times, they all had different dreams when their lives ended, and they deal with what they are in a different way.

But the vampires are just one part of the story and the second one is the Quileute tribe, who can transform into giant wolves. They protect humans from "the cold ones" and they want to protect Bella from turning into the enemy. Especially, Bella's best friend Jacob doesn't want her to change. Introducing the tribe into the story was a very nice move in terms of not losing readers' interest I think. We have a whole set of new characters, very misterious ones, who really exist. For me it was a lifesaver, because on some point you can get sick of Bella and Edward and their everlasting love. The Quileutes seem much more real and human, and some of the character are very funny :)

I liked the books because they speak about love, protection, friendship, keeping promises and trying to do your best with what you get.

I didn't like Bella's relationship with Edward because sometimes it was too intense and controling on his part. He was stifling and too protective in my oppinion. But apparently Bella liked it, so what can I do ;)

Book covers with titles

The additional book

czwartek, 21 listopada 2013

World War Z

               There is something fascinating about zombie movies. There have been so many of them already but we seem to be still into them nevertheless. I have recenlty seen "World War Z" directed by Marc Forster and I have to say that it was perfect in almost everything.

Firstly, the mind blowing special effects. Helicopter chases, car chases, explosions and off course thousands upon thousands of zombies, who/which would jump great hights, run and tumble like house of cards. The Israzel-wall scene portrays that perfectly.

Secondly, Brad Pitt. He never fails. I have seen almost all his movies and tere is no doubt in my mind, as I assume in many other people's minds, that he is a great actor. I don't think, however, that he was in a movie with that much action before. Sometimes in such movies the special effect and the acting kills the actor's skills. He/she seems to be invisible. That luckily didn't happen here :)

The only flaw, like in all action movies, is the fact that all the things that can go wrong - go wrong. And that the main character survives it all.

The things which I like most about such films is different, however. They make me wonder about our chances against diseases and epidemics. If such virus like the one in the movies springs somewhere in the world, how will we protect ourselves? Will we be able to survive and fight? 

We have used medicine and vaccines for so long that some of the viruses and bacterias mutated and became immune to them. We need new ones. But will they be developped before it is too late?

czwartek, 14 listopada 2013


               I would like to use those tiles in my kitchen. Just to put them in random places, between other tiles.

Before firing

After first firing

With some colors

After burning

czwartek, 7 listopada 2013

The Thursday Next series

               I have no idea how I found this author but I read the whole Thursday Next series in a few days. I'm now reading Shades of Grey and it is as great as ever.

                 Thursday Next is funny, fool of surprises, fool of references to other books which I read on some point and which I liked, fool of classic characters and some modern characters. How great it would be to travel into different books and meet the people who we like and love. And he makes it possible for us through the Thursday Next books :)

The author himself

czwartek, 31 października 2013


             I looked at the clock standing on the CD player. How much tears could you spill before your eyes would swim out of your head – I wandered? What was she crying for anyway. The tears would stop at times and she would stay quiet for a while. But then suddenly, out of nowhere she would start again and louder. Every time louder than before. She was trying to cover her mouth with her hands but it would not work. The sound would still come out. Louder and louder and louder. She was trying to stop, that was plain, even for me to see. But somehow she was unable to stop. And that was visible too. She was trying everything. Closing her eyes, walking, clenching her fists, taking deep breaths. Nothing seemed to be right. Nothing could stop the fresh wave of hysterics.

I sat there for a long time staring at the girl and not being able to move. Not because of fear or compassion but because I knew that there was nowhere to go. I did not pity her. I did not wonder what had happened – and clearly there was something – to her. I did not feel anything.

I felt empty. It was so surreal that words fail me to describe it. I felt like I had no more breath in me, like I could not move my chest to take the breath. And yet this did not upset me in slightest. I felt dizzy and swayed on my legs for a second. The room was shaking and swirling, I felt sick. Like before vomiting. I tried to close my eyes and I could not open them again. I felt so tired. I did not want to open my eyes. Not now, not ever. I wanted to stay like that.

czwartek, 24 października 2013

A bird's bath

               My first project :)

               I have taken the idea from the Internet, when I saw a photo of a sililar plate, but with two birds and a place to put the wedding rings on. It was white and very nice looking. 

               I decided to do something silimar to put my home keys on when I come back home. I made it with clay, which after baking will turn white. The impression was done with some lace. I plan to put some pink color on the impression.

My photo 

I lost the bird :( but I put a special paint so that my birdless bath will be shiny

The finished product :)

czwartek, 17 października 2013

The Impossible

                  I'm not a big fan of water. And I'm not a big fan of catastrophic movies - especially when I know that the catastrophy really happened. That's why I was somewhat sceptical to watch "The Impossible". We all could see the destruction and death on the news, almost live. Why make a movie about it? But - in the end - I did watch it.

What I liked in the movie were firstly special effects. I cannot of course say how tsunami looks like, but in the movie it was more or less the way I imagined it. Fast, roaring water, relentless, crashing and destroying everything in its path. There is no stopping it and people are powerless when facing it. I was particularly transfixed with the scene in which Naomi Watts gets hit by the wave and tries to resurface. I could only sit and stare on the screen trying to believe that anyone could ever get alive from this. For me it was truly impossible.

I liked the actors, who were very well chosen. From Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, who are experienced and accomplished actors, through excellent Tom Holland to Samuel Joslin and Oaklee Pendergast, two sweet, little boys so natural in their acting. The movie relies on their efforts and talent.

What I didn't particularly like was the fact that only the one family was shown. Thousand of people suffered that day, but their tragedy is merely a background to the Bennett family. It can somehow give viewers the impression that the scale of the catastrophy was in fact much smaller than it was in reality. It sometimes doesn't show the whole picture, which for me is hard to except at times.

"The Impossible" is worth seeing for many reasons. For me this one scene, which I mentioned above as being the most transfixing, was enough to realize how painful and dificult the ordeal was. To understand that the survival of this family was a true miracle.

Different movie posters:

czwartek, 10 października 2013


             POP culture is great. You never know that a thing which was written or shot will become a success. And you cannot foresee that certain characters will come to life in other works. Computer games, books and of course movies. They all mingle with each other. Great examples are Batman, Spiderman and my favorite The X-men.

The X-men are a group of superhumans, where each one has some supernatural powers. We have, among others, Cyclop (who can shoot deadly beams from his eyes), Storm (who commands the weather), Marvel girl (who has telekinetic powers), Wolverine (strong and fast guy, who can grow claws in a second) Mistique (the coolest one - who can turn into anybody) and many others. They all have the "X-gene" which ordinary people don't  have. And they all unite under Professor Xavier, who is trying to train them and give them a home.

However, they are also, of course, bad mutants, led by Magneto, who try to dominate the world - like all bad guys do. Professor Xavier and his X-men are fighting againts them :)

I have not read the comic books since I'm not a comic book person, but I watched all the movies. Over the years the filmmakers managed to cast some great names into the film: Kevin Bacon, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Michael Fassbender, Patric Stewart, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy to name only a few. They do all sorts of stunts and get into all sorts of crazy fights.

If one likes pure entertainment with some serious moments and deeper meanings I reccomend X-men to everybody.

X-Men (2000)

X2 (2003)

czwartek, 3 października 2013


                I visited Windsor one to meet my friend who lived there on that time.

Immediately when you go out you see the Windsor Castle. I was thinking of going there but when I saw the ticket price I thought that maybe I wouldn't go :)

Me and my friend had a stroll around the town, she showed my some shops, we walked around the front part of the Castle, and later we took a very long and great walk along the Long Walk. It was lovely and warm and the Long Walk was surrounded by trees and green, lush grass.

Good memories especially now when the Winter is comming fast :(

The castle 

The castle

Queen Victoria

The Long Walk

The Castle seen from the other side of the Long Walk

The statue of I forgot who ;) Someone important no doubt

czwartek, 26 września 2013


             I always liked making things. When I was little I would make figures from salt and dough, or eggs, or rolls of toilet paper or anything I could find.

            I was never as created as to invent my own ideas but I was always inspired by others. I liked to copy their work to get some practice or to alter their ideas to make it more suitable to my taste.

          Some time ago I decided to learn some pottery and I enrolled into pottery classes. I look in the Internet for some inspiration and I was stunned how many magnificent pictures I have found. So many ideas and tips on how to make your own clay art. I started to make my own last week.

           Additionally, soon I will be redecorating my house. I expect there will be some decoration ideas which I make for my house appear here.

Some Martha Stewart's ideas for jewelry

czwartek, 19 września 2013


              One of my biggest travel dream is Dubai.

I don't quite know why it has such pool on me but I have been thinking about the city for some time now. I have not read much about it yet, I will save that for before-the-trip time. It has to be a grat city, however. From the photos it is clearly visible that top architects have been allowed to build some extravagant and splendid buildings with, what I can only imagine, the newest technology.

I also think the that place, or poeple who run it, must be quite rich. Who else would be able to afford to build an island. 

I want to go and see all the things for myself :)

The Palm Island

The breathtaking view

Burj Al Arab Hotel

czwartek, 12 września 2013

The Racławice Panorama

                 The Racławice Panorama is a beautiful and unforgettable oil panting by Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak. It took one year to paint it. The work depicts a very important event in Polish history: the Battle of Racławice during the Kosciuszko Uprising

The painting is enormous (15x114 meters) and presented in a circular fashion with the viewer placed in the center, so you can turn around and take the whole painting in. You can also come closer and see every scene closer looking at details. And there are very many of them. 

The coolest thing about the paining is the usage of perspective. Where the painting ends real stuff begin. Trees, sand and grass seem to leap out of the work, and sometimes it is hard to notice where the painting ends and the real world begins.

The museum offers an audio tour, which explains certain scenes from the painting.

The panorama is located in Wrocław in a very nice, round building. I recommend it to anyone. In a world of 3D cinema and computer games it is very refreshing to see that something so beautiful was created with human hands without anything more but pure talent.

Some picks :)