czwartek, 27 grudnia 2012

World War Z

         After watching the movie I read somewhere that there is a book. The books title is: "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War" written by Max Brooks in 2006.

          I was not quite sure if I wanted to read it (watching zombies is quite different than reading about them) but I liked the movie so I decided to give it a try. And I liked the book very, very much.

         The book gives an account of the people who survived the Zombie war and people who took active part in it. I was listening to an audiobook and was very impressed with the recording. In order to make the story more probable different people read their stories (with different accents according to the country  which they come from). The accounts of course give us an inside to how the war with Zombies was fought but they also give us a glimpse of the real world and the political situation now. The author smuggles opinions about politics, power, dictators, presidents and generally how the world operates today. Also in the individual stories there are accounts of bravery, cowardice, kindness and many other emotions and behaviors about ordinary people who were thrown into that strange war.

         I also liked different styles of the stories. The author changes his way of writing according to a person who tells his/ her part, wether it is a soldier, a bodyguard, a doctor or many others.

         It is a great book when we want to learn more about the best and worst in people when facing the most difficult times.

czwartek, 20 grudnia 2012

Who should tell me what to do?

               Who should tell me what to do?

               Is it my parents? Friends? Or maybe my husband?

              Can he tell me what to do because he is a man? Does he have a right to do it just because I was born a woman?

                Or maybe I should listen to the TV, newspapers and the radio? Do they know best?

               Will they all tell me - WHO AM I?

czwartek, 13 grudnia 2012

A candle holder

           Time for a huge candle holder.

In the making

while drying

and voila :)

czwartek, 6 grudnia 2012


                I felt it again. The anger, the rage. It all started in my stomach. I felt the heat like burning, like it was trying to burn itself out of my body and escape it. The heat rose steadily but surely. I could feel it inch by inch – higher and higher. Finally it reached my throat. I clenched my teeth, my fists already white with the force which made them close themselves and my whole body upright and ready. Ready to face and destroy everything around me. I used my whole will to keep my mouth shut afraid that the fire would escape and burn everything around me. I could feel the air passing through the gaps though, making long and surely audible for everyone around me, hissing sound.

No one reacted. No one even looked at me. I – slowly – took a big breath through my nose. I was still too afraid to open my mouth. The fire still was not out and could escape any second now. I felt better momentarily. The cold air acted like a deterrent for the fire.