czwartek, 26 grudnia 2013

Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve

             There is a very magical place in in the north part of the city Poznań. A place which came to be thousands of years ago. 

             On some point in the history of the world the meteorites were showering the earth and a few of them landed in the Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve in Poznań, Poland. Over the years the scenery around the craters changed but they themselves stayed pretty much the same. Now there is a beautiful wood around it with all those meteorite lakes in them. 

              Quite a magical place to visit and walk around :)

On my way to the Reserve

Entering the Reserve

A parking along the way

The biggest lake (a bit obscure)

One of the little lakes (from Internet)

A deer met along the way

The way home

My city from the heel

czwartek, 19 grudnia 2013


         My next project were ... stars :)

       I decided to make a small decoration made up of little stars. I made the stars using baking utensils. After I made them I connected them all together using a little bit of water. I arranged them the way I wanted and later I added some color.

        I cannot wait for it to be fire. I will put it on the wall in my bedroom.

Before putting some colors

With some colors :) Next step ... firing

After firing

czwartek, 12 grudnia 2013


            I have always liked Stephen King's and his style of writing. He has this rare gift of comming inside people's heads and discovering their fears. That's why he writes great, scary books. Because he KNOWS what scares us and he uses it.

           My number one book is Dolores Claiborne (about which I wrote earlier) and my second favorite book is Misery

            The book tells a story of a famous writer (maybe King wanted to let some crazy fans of his know that he doesn't appreciate them that much) Paul Sheldon, who has a very serious car accident in the middle of nowhere in Winter. He would surely died if it wasn't for a good, kind and very strong Annie Wilkes, who rescues him and carries him to her house. Luckily she is a nurse and she tends to Paul most perfectly. Until ... (because there has to be the until) she turns out to be completly mad. The rest I will not reveal :)

               In that case also the movie was great, what doesn't often happen when the book and movie meet. Kathie Bates gave a magnificent performance and not surprisingly she reveived the Academy Award for it. The movie is scary and it makes you wonder what happens in such people heads.

Perfect Kathy Bates as Annie

czwartek, 5 grudnia 2013

Slaughterhouse Five

              I have read, or rather listened to, that book many times. Once in a while I simply have to come back to it. It is a book about coping with fear and bad situations in life. It is a bout our frail psyche and of how much we can stand.

Everytime I listen to the book I discover something new and I hope that I understand something more. This book is not easy, but beatiful. It is "Slaughterhouse-Five" by  Kurt Vonnegut. It is a must read.

P.S. I listed to the book read by Ethan Hawke. His read makes a second place on the best read books I have ever heard. First one belongs to Stephen Fry.