czwartek, 27 grudnia 2012

World War Z

         After watching the movie I read somewhere that there is a book. The books title is: "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War" written by Max Brooks in 2006.

          I was not quite sure if I wanted to read it (watching zombies is quite different than reading about them) but I liked the movie so I decided to give it a try. And I liked the book very, very much.

         The book gives an account of the people who survived the Zombie war and people who took active part in it. I was listening to an audiobook and was very impressed with the recording. In order to make the story more probable different people read their stories (with different accents according to the country  which they come from). The accounts of course give us an inside to how the war with Zombies was fought but they also give us a glimpse of the real world and the political situation now. The author smuggles opinions about politics, power, dictators, presidents and generally how the world operates today. Also in the individual stories there are accounts of bravery, cowardice, kindness and many other emotions and behaviors about ordinary people who were thrown into that strange war.

         I also liked different styles of the stories. The author changes his way of writing according to a person who tells his/ her part, wether it is a soldier, a bodyguard, a doctor or many others.

         It is a great book when we want to learn more about the best and worst in people when facing the most difficult times.

czwartek, 20 grudnia 2012

Who should tell me what to do?

               Who should tell me what to do?

               Is it my parents? Friends? Or maybe my husband?

              Can he tell me what to do because he is a man? Does he have a right to do it just because I was born a woman?

                Or maybe I should listen to the TV, newspapers and the radio? Do they know best?

               Will they all tell me - WHO AM I?

czwartek, 13 grudnia 2012

A candle holder

           Time for a huge candle holder.

In the making

while drying

and voila :)

czwartek, 6 grudnia 2012


                I felt it again. The anger, the rage. It all started in my stomach. I felt the heat like burning, like it was trying to burn itself out of my body and escape it. The heat rose steadily but surely. I could feel it inch by inch – higher and higher. Finally it reached my throat. I clenched my teeth, my fists already white with the force which made them close themselves and my whole body upright and ready. Ready to face and destroy everything around me. I used my whole will to keep my mouth shut afraid that the fire would escape and burn everything around me. I could feel the air passing through the gaps though, making long and surely audible for everyone around me, hissing sound.

No one reacted. No one even looked at me. I – slowly – took a big breath through my nose. I was still too afraid to open my mouth. The fire still was not out and could escape any second now. I felt better momentarily. The cold air acted like a deterrent for the fire. 

czwartek, 29 listopada 2012

Exchanging books

               Some time ago my city introduced a new idea - book exchange. In the center of the city a few places were set to leave the books which people don't read anymore. You can simply go to that place, put your book there and somebody who may be interested in the book will take it.

The places where you can leave the books look quite nice. I saw a telephone booth or an old looking bookcase.

At first this idea was quite odd to me because I didn't really believe that people would use it. But I was wrong. I saw many books in there and the next day they were gone or replaced by other books. I myself like to read used books and when I want to buy a new position to my library I often choose a "used" one. There is some beauty to the already read book. Not only you can read the story in it but it also has a history of itself. Somebody else enjoyed it and now I can enjoy it as well.

Everyone has books at home which they don't need. Isn't it a great idea to exchange them? You never know who will pick it up. Maybe somebody who cannot afford a book, or maybe someone who was looking for this particular position for a long time, or maybe someone who simply wants to enjoy a good read in a tram or train.

The same, you never know who read the book before you. Maybe somebody famous, or somebody lonely, or someone happy.

I truly hope that in time there will be more of them around the city and that those who design the bookstands will turn them into real works of art.

Fredry street

czwartek, 22 listopada 2012

Key bowl

           When I come home from work I never have a place to put my keys on. I decided to make a little bowl where I could put the keys and not worry that I would not be able  to find them later. 

 I used all the colors to color the bowl. I cannot wait to see how it comes out.

czwartek, 15 listopada 2012


                Some time ago I heard about a great idea. You can cut your hair and send it to the charity called "Rak'n'Roll" foundation. They will help to make wigs out of the hair and give it to women who are undergoing chemotherapy.

I decided to join and donated my hair as well.

my hair

czwartek, 8 listopada 2012


          The Christmas stocking I made and later bought to support an environmental organization, which will use the money to buy food for birds. Good cause :)

czwartek, 1 listopada 2012

The unknown plant

        When I was in the mountains I saw those beautiful plans growing amongst the stones. I was captured imediately by their shape and color. And also their strength in growing in such difficult conditions. 

       One time I saw a piece of the plant just lying on the road, so I took it home and put it in the flowerpot. In there, however, it looks very, very different.

       I wish I knew the name.

czwartek, 25 października 2012

Goodbye :)


        Was thinking what to say to U. I lied. When I said that I was not sad because of you. I know I  shouldn’t have but U looked so upset and I didn’t want t bring any more misery on U. Do U know that I miss you. I miss U so much it actually hurts me. I miss you every day. There isn’t one when I don’t think about U. I wander what U do, where U are, what U would say to me if we were together. But mostly I miss you being close to me, holding my hand and looking at me with those gorgeous eyes of yours. So dark and beautiful. It will be a year soon since we talked but I still remember. I remember U well. What I said that nigh was all true. I don’t know what U meant by saying all of it. U took it all back later. I don’t understand what it was, for since U knew there was nothing to it in the end. Didn’t U know that it would break my heart? I guess not. I even didn’t know that until it was all done. And there was no turning back, for me at least, after that. I used to think about it often but after some time it just became too painful so I tried very, very much not too. But I’m so lonely without U. When I left I lost something then and now I cannot come back to myself anymore. I never felt like this. I feel such loneliness and sadness sometimes that is almost chokes me. I cannot breath. I know you don’t understand since you’re so happy and always so great. I know that its different for you. I don’t blame U. But I love you! More than I can explain or even admit. And I don’t know what to do. Cause I know you don’t feel anything to me or even think about me at all. I pray to God every day so he can take this love away from me so I would not suffer anymore. I had enough. A year is enough don’t you think. I don’t want to feel it trust me. I was better at times but this place brings all the memories back. And I’m back to where I was last year. Right after I left. Just back then we talked for hours every day. That helped me. I’m sorry I was so lousy about the contact. I just couldn’t handle that anymore. 

czwartek, 18 października 2012

Versus - -ヴァーサス- (film) 2000

       If you like Japanese movie, if you like zombies, awesome fighting scenes and guns - than "Versus" should be on your must-watch-it list :)

 The movie is basically a creation of one man - Ryuhei Kitamura. He came up with the story, co-written the script, directed it and also became its producer. Kitamura was inspired and influenced by many ideas and so he decided to combine action film (a lot of fighting scenes and guns), horror (loads of zombies), comedy (some of the dialogues and characters and smile enducing). He made something of a new quality and gained cult status.

The film tells a story of the Prisoner KSC2-303 (Tak Sakaguchi), who has just escaped from jail and is running away from the police in a wood. But he doesn't know that it is not an ordinary wood but The Forest of Resurrection. Whoever dies here, and the Prisoner finds out about it very quickly, comes back to life again as a zombie. KSC2-303 meets some strange people in the forest, people who seem to have been waiting for him. With them is The Girl (Chieko Misaka), a special girl. And they are waiting for The Man (Hideo Sakaki). From that moment unusual things start to happen - and the zombies are not the strangest things there at all.

I watched the movie because of Sakaguchi. Since I saw him in "Shinobi: Heart Under Blade" I got a bit obsessed with him and wanted to see all his movies. He is a skilled fighter and he is responsible fighting scenes in Versus. And he did it superbly!!!!!

The poster

While filming - the hero :)

The Girl

The bad Man

The assassin gang

The Yakuza gang

czwartek, 11 października 2012


            I wish I had words. Wish I could say what I want in a beautiful and interesting way, so that everyone would like to read it and everyone would like it :).

I wish I had beautiful, smart and exciting words, so I could express things which sound well only when they are thought.

I wish I had words which would be accurate, so I name my feeling and emotions.

But first of all I would like to have those thoughts and ideas to describe with my great words.