czwartek, 27 listopada 2014


           I had a deam about a strange fish once. And here is that fish :)

now just some colors are needed

the colors I have chosen for it

czwartek, 20 listopada 2014

Das experiment

          I like European movies, as I think I mentioned before.There are much different from American movies, not only because europeans are different from Americans, but also because we make films differently :)

"Das experiment" follows a story of 20 men, who take part in a psychological experiment. Ten men are prisoners and have to follow any orders from the guards. Guards are given sticks but are told not to use them. They are responsible for keeping order without resorting to violence. As anyone can imagine, the experiment not necessarily goes as planned.

I enjoyed the movie immensely although towards the end it became very violent and unpredictable.

Firstly, I liked the actors, from who I knew only one name Moritz: Bleibtreu from previous movies. This unfamiliarity resulted in more credible story. 

Secondly, the actors were superb. 

Thirdly, the story progressed slowly but steadily allowing the viewers to absorb the psyche of the characters and maybe consider that they would do in a similar situation. One the whole the story line was great.

After seeing the movie I read somewhere that a similar experiment has taken place in the USA. However, the level of violance rose so rapidly that it was stopped.

Well, the German movie doesn't stop and gives us an excellent idea of what might have happened should the experiment continue.

P.S. Haven't seen the American version yet, and a bit afraid to ;)

czwartek, 13 listopada 2014


          Some time ago somebody I used to like (and still do although it is beyond me) wrote me after a long time and told me that he liked me too. He was afraid to tell me that for a long time and didn't know how to do it. He hinted on liking me many times but then denied it again and again. 

I was confused and surprised but at the same time pleased. I thought for all this time that maybe I was crazy. 

The problem is: after telling me that he misses me and wants to meet and talk a lot, he - stopped contacting me. We haven't exchanged a word for like two months now. And I don't understand what happened. And I wish I could meet him and punch him real hard.

How dears he to crush my peace again? Who am I? He has no decency to leave me alone? Not even that? Who are people to do something like this? Are they so insecure they have to walk all over other people's feelings?

Wish some day I could find out.

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Tōdai-ji Temple - 東大寺

              When visiting Japan I heard about a big and beautiful temple in Nara, situated in the middle of a vast park, where the deer roam freely. In this temple you can see the largest in the world bronze Buddha Vairocana statue (almost 15 m tall ans weighs around 500 tonnes), simply known to everyone as Daibutsu (大仏). The name of that magnificant place is Tōdai-ji Temple which means Eastern Great Temple. And by all means - it is GREAT!

The area where the temple is placed is very beautiful and picturesque. I remember walking next to a small pond, the day was sunny and pleasant, there were a lot of people walking around, enjoying themselves. Many parents came with their kids to show them the park or feed the deer.

The first glimpse of the temple is unforgetable mainly because of its grandeur. It's difficult to imagine that the construction of the buildings started around 728, and again we have to admire the effort which was put into erecting it.

The statue of the Buddha has been reconstructed many times already due to, among others, fires and earthquakes. However, his posture, size and the kind face are truly remarkable. To see him properly you have to stand way back or look all the way up. I felt like a tiny ant under the giant's feet. The face and hands of the Buddha encourage us to come forward and escape the troubles for at least a few minutes.

Apart from the statue of Buddha there are also two scary looking guardians of the temple called Ungyo and Agyo. And in the main hall there is a possibility to see how the whole complex used to look before it was rebuild after two fires. Hard to believe, but the original Great Buddha Hall was even bigger than the contemporary one.

Great Buddha Hall (大仏殿 Daibutsuden)

Nara Daibutsu (奈良大仏) - The Great Buddha himself

Pictures by me :)

The friendly deer :)

You can meet the deer everywhere in the park and outside the temple. The deer is said to be a god's messenger. They are quite tamed and well behaved and friendly - sometimes even too friendly ;). Especially when they see food. All around the Nara park you can buy special "deer biscuits" and feed it to the animals.

The official website of the Temple: