czwartek, 29 maja 2014


           It is my birthday tomorrow. I plan nothing special. Last year was my last birthday party - my 30th. I decided then not to celebrate it anymore ;). Still so much to do and the time goes soooooo fast.

czwartek, 22 maja 2014

A poppy seed flower

              I like flowers, especially in Winter ;)

             I saw a beautiful work of a poppy seed flower on the Internet. I decided to make the same. It did not, off course, but I made something silmilar to a flower - I hope. I decided to paint it red (or maybe blue) and a bit of black at the bottom. When the glaze runs down it will create a small paddle on the bottom I hope and it will look a bit more real. It is made in sch way that it can stand on its own. I guess I will be fine enough to make a nice decoration.

My inspiration

My photo

After putting some colors

After burning

czwartek, 15 maja 2014


          Rain cleanses everything. It washes away the dirt and sadness of the day. It makes the world anew. It brings life to plants and people. It mingles with the tears and saves you from spilling your secrets.

czwartek, 8 maja 2014


            A beatiful, lavishly green plant. Not very demanding in terms of sun and water. Doesn't like too bright a spot and too much water.

               I had the Zamiculcas plant for about 4 years now. It was growing perfectly for a long time and then I think I watered it too much. It stopped growing and some parts of it died. But a few days ago I noticed a new stem (on the right) which is quite tall now. And this morning I saw two more just poking out of the ground (not yet visible on the photo).

             I got it when I moved to my new appartment so I am very fond of it. So happy its is not dead :)   

My plant

czwartek, 1 maja 2014

Flower vase

          I wanted to make something for dry flowers and I found my inspiration.

          It looked quite complicated with the flower pattern so I decided to make something of the same shape but perhaps with different decoration. 

          I have cut two similar parts for the sides and later I attached longer strip for the bottom. Next I added fillings on the sides and straps of clay to make three equal holes (but unfortunately one strip was lost during firing).

          Soon I will add some colors :)

My inspiration

While making

 View of the top

After first firing

Putting some colors

After burning