czwartek, 30 października 2014


         I have liked the cornflowers since I can remember.

        When you drive in Poland you can see blue spots amongst wheat fields. They are easily visible from the roads. They are of the most beatiful blue color. I have never seen anything similar to that magnificant hue. 

       You can collect the flowers easily and keep them for a little while to enjoy their sight. Unfortunately, they cannot be turned into dry flowers. They loose their color.

       It is worth to take a photo to admire them later.

After a little walk through the fields

czwartek, 23 października 2014


          Yesterday was a glorious day (and one of many). Yesterday I found out that I do not get people. AGAIN!!!

How is it that I have the pleasure of meeting people who say one thing, do something else and in the end deny saying anything in the first place. Or maybe I started to misunderstand human speech - what is, of course, possible.

What does: I like you, you are my friend and the ultimate - I love you - actually mean. I always thought that those are quite straight forward things, where you do not have to think about the meaning too much. I like you is I like you right? Is there a deep meaning to this or maybe something hidden in the message.  

Or I love you? If someone says that or I wanna be with you and I think you're great and I'm so happy I met you. What does this actually mean?

Why the hell do I meet such people, such guys, and what is worse - why am I stupid to believe what people say. Am I losing my cool or maybe I'm exaggerating? Maybe I should only listen half way and never believe when I hear something like that. Maybe I should take a loooooooong time to convince myself that the words are true?
Why do some people toy with others hearts and emotions?

I had the pleasure :( of meeting three guys who made me think that I don’t like guys anymore - and I think that men are great :).

First they were head over hills, telling me how great I am, how awesome, how happy there were to meet me and such crap. They messed with my head and just when I started to believe it - it stopped. No message, no good-bye, nothing. Would that be so difficult to let me know that they are no longer interested in being friends or a couple? Would that be so hard to just tell me or write me that they no longer wanna contact me? And the funny thing is - they all agreed to do it if ever they felt like never seeing me again.

I’m not the most beautiful or smart girls in the world. I know that. I’m average but ok. I think. And of course I know and understand that not everybody has to love me forever. But is it really so painful to let somebody know when you are no longer interested to BE with someone? Even though it would be difficult for me to hear or read that I would be so much happier and I would heal much quicker if I knew instead of wandering what is going on.

And how am I supposed to remember good things when it seems like all the things he said were not true (sometimes I have that impression).

If you are not interested in someone do not play with that persons feeling and do not waste her/his time. Be honest even though its not pleasant, have the guts to admit the truth. Spare someone’s pain and prevent that person from becoming bitter.

czwartek, 16 października 2014

Room 2

                  I opened the door cautiously and slowly. I did not want to experience the falling again. It was so bad the first time. So I opened the door as slowly as I could and peered inside. It was dark and I couldn’t see much. There was only a small blue light coming somewhere from a distance. I looked down to check whether I could enter the room savely. I could not tell. The darknes however wasn’t so bad anymore or maybe my eyes started to get used to it because I could see something solid under my feet. The color was still obscured by darkness but I was sure that something was there. Something to rest my feet on and something that would for sure prevent me from folling on my face or somewhere even lower. Still, my steps were careful and deliberate. I entered the room and imediatelly started to feel the walls. I didn’t know why I was doing that but it seemed somehow mechanical and not contious at all. I was touching the walls and taking small, tiny steps forward – to the blue light. It was drawing nearer and nearer when suddenly – bang. I hit my head on something solid. “Damn”. Did I say it out loud? I wasn’t sure whether I was alone here. But anyway, it was all in my head right. I could stand here and swear my mouth off and still noone would know or hear that.

czwartek, 9 października 2014


       Venice is magic. City on water with gondolas and small boats going one way and another, with people owning motor boats and going by them to work and school. Even parcels and delivered by water. Venice is full of bridges and small streets where you can get lost at times, far away from crowds. And then again you can find yourself in the middle of a busy square full of tourists. You can spend days there just wandering around, enjoying the atmosphere and looking at the remarkable place where water is like air.

There are also islands around Venice which you can visit (like Burano, Murano, Torcello itp.).

sightseeing by Vaporetto

Chiesa di Salute

a rainy day

Rialto Bridge

Fish Market 

St. Mark's square

the place where they make Gondolas

czwartek, 2 października 2014


           Verona is a very famous city. Everyone knows the Shakespeare's story about Romeo and Juliet and their tragic love. But there is so much more to the city than just Juliet's house (although it maight be the most crowded place there).

The city is simply beautiful. With it's small, colorful streets, churches, many restaurants and the river next to which you can walk and relax. There is also a a modern part to the city where you can find the best and more expensive shops. Somehow, however, everything - the old and the new - work very well with each other.

Arena is a huge structure around which many turists and Italians gather to sit, drink coffee, eat and talk. The Piazza Bra (a biggest square in Verona) is full of people since morning till dawn. It is quite amazing to sit here knowing that this place was build thousands of years ago, knowing that even back then many people came here to enjoy the games. Just as they enjoy the place now.

the Arena

the Arena inside

beautiful streets

the other side of the river

Teatro Romano

view from the Scala della Regione

view from the Scala della Regione


Juliet's house

Juliet's tomb

Romeo's house




San Zeno Church 

the view