czwartek, 20 marca 2014

Central Park

             In the middle of a big city there is a special park. A park where you can go, lie down on a green grass, watch the sky, walk around in the quiet, play baseball, run and feed some fish :). There are few places like this and one of them is Central Park in New York.

The Park was first opened to the public in 1857, but only a year after that it was proposed to expend it even more and make it more beautiful. Two men largerly responsible for the way the Park looks today are: Frederic Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. The complete work was finished in 1873 and it's 341 ha big. The Park is managed by the Central Park Conservancy under the control of the government.

Central Park is great. It's like a big, green lung in a middle of "exhaust pipe fumes" filled city. A breath of fresh air and a minute of peace and quiet in a city that never sleeps and never slows down. Full of animals and plants it can make a hard day of sightseeing New York enjoyable.

Central Park from above

The lake


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