czwartek, 26 grudnia 2013

Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve

             There is a very magical place in in the north part of the city Poznań. A place which came to be thousands of years ago. 

             On some point in the history of the world the meteorites were showering the earth and a few of them landed in the Morasko Meteorite Nature Reserve in Poznań, Poland. Over the years the scenery around the craters changed but they themselves stayed pretty much the same. Now there is a beautiful wood around it with all those meteorite lakes in them. 

              Quite a magical place to visit and walk around :)

On my way to the Reserve

Entering the Reserve

A parking along the way

The biggest lake (a bit obscure)

One of the little lakes (from Internet)

A deer met along the way

The way home

My city from the heel

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