czwartek, 6 grudnia 2012


                I felt it again. The anger, the rage. It all started in my stomach. I felt the heat like burning, like it was trying to burn itself out of my body and escape it. The heat rose steadily but surely. I could feel it inch by inch – higher and higher. Finally it reached my throat. I clenched my teeth, my fists already white with the force which made them close themselves and my whole body upright and ready. Ready to face and destroy everything around me. I used my whole will to keep my mouth shut afraid that the fire would escape and burn everything around me. I could feel the air passing through the gaps though, making long and surely audible for everyone around me, hissing sound.

No one reacted. No one even looked at me. I – slowly – took a big breath through my nose. I was still too afraid to open my mouth. The fire still was not out and could escape any second now. I felt better momentarily. The cold air acted like a deterrent for the fire. 

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