czwartek, 29 listopada 2012

Exchanging books

               Some time ago my city introduced a new idea - book exchange. In the center of the city a few places were set to leave the books which people don't read anymore. You can simply go to that place, put your book there and somebody who may be interested in the book will take it.

The places where you can leave the books look quite nice. I saw a telephone booth or an old looking bookcase.

At first this idea was quite odd to me because I didn't really believe that people would use it. But I was wrong. I saw many books in there and the next day they were gone or replaced by other books. I myself like to read used books and when I want to buy a new position to my library I often choose a "used" one. There is some beauty to the already read book. Not only you can read the story in it but it also has a history of itself. Somebody else enjoyed it and now I can enjoy it as well.

Everyone has books at home which they don't need. Isn't it a great idea to exchange them? You never know who will pick it up. Maybe somebody who cannot afford a book, or maybe someone who was looking for this particular position for a long time, or maybe someone who simply wants to enjoy a good read in a tram or train.

The same, you never know who read the book before you. Maybe somebody famous, or somebody lonely, or someone happy.

I truly hope that in time there will be more of them around the city and that those who design the bookstands will turn them into real works of art.

Fredry street

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