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The Lincoln Memorial

              One of the best cities I visited in the U. S. A. was the capital of this great country - Washington D.C. It didn't have the capital feel for me somehow, because there was so much space and greenery. And there is so much to see there, so many monuments, buildings, parks and museums. One of the places I remember best is The Lincoln Memorial.

The Memorial was built in 1922 to honor America's 16th President - Abraham Lincoln. There was more than one creator of the monument. Henry Bacon designed the whole structure and Daniel Chester French is the man responsible for the sculptor of Lincoln. It took him and his crew (Piccirilli Brothers who did the carving) four years to complete this enormous project. The statue is almost 6 meters tall (Lincoln is seating in a chair and he seems to be thinking about something) from head to toe and was made from 28 big pieces of marble. The entire work is crowned by Jules Guerin, who painted the murals.

The interior is devided into three parts. In the middle there is Loncoln, and on his sides there are two of his most famous, and very important to the history, speeches - his speech when he become the President for the second time and the Gettysburg Address. The inscriptions were made by Evelyn Beatrice Longman.

The Lincoln Memorial also witnessed one of the most famous speeches of our time "I Have a Dream" delivered by Martin Luther King Jr.

The Memorial is a truly beautiful work of art. From the exterior to the interior, everything seems to be perfect and made with most care. It is great to see Lincold during the day, but also by night when he is iluminated and looks like he is glowing.

View from the air

Small people and the big man

The statue

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