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Qutb Minar

            If you are interested in islamic monuments, inscriptions and art than you should visit the Qutb Minar complex in Delhi.

The construction of the complex was started in 1192 AD to commemorate the victory of Mohammed Ghori over Prithviraj Chauhan. The ground before building the minaret held a large number of ancient Jain and Hindu temples, which were destroyed for space and building materials. You can read about it on the eastern gate. With new rulers the complex grew and new structures were gradually added.

The whole complex is very nice to walk and admire. It has again a "park" feel to it since there is some greenery and benches where you can sit and rest. The ruins, although sometimes very difficult to place and understand the meaning, are picturesque and give an ancient feel to the place. Especially when you sit among them and manage to stay there alone for some time.

In the center of the complex, and towering over other structures, is the tallest minaret in India - it is over 72 meters high. It is truly beautiful with its red and orange colors and perfectly preserved Arabic inscriptions and ornaments.

At the end of every year you can go to visit the complex and at the same time enjoy the "'Qutb Festival" where performers show their skills.

Information about the Qutub Minar

Alai minar

The Qutub complex

The Qutub complex

The minaret

The minaret

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