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There is a catch ... Catch 22

               There were many books and movies about the second World War. Some show cruelty, blood and suffering. Some show war in a bit lighter tone, as in "Life is beautiful" by Roberto Benigni.

But there is no other book or film which would portrayal the war as it is shown in an American novel "Catch 22" by Joseph Heller.

The book mainly follows life of a very special and unique capitan - John Yossarian, a U.S.A. bombardier who is stationed on Pianosa island close to Italy. He hates the war, hates flying and wants to go home. Best - in one piece.

Yossarian has many friends in the army and every one of them is occupied with their own problems and have their own dreams and plans for after the war. Dr. Dan Daneeka is only thinking about making money and he considers his situation to be the worst. He spends his days sitting in front of his hospital tent talking constantly about making money. Dunbar (Yossarian's best friend) is faking maladies just to stay out of the fight and in the hospital, with Yossarian most of the time, - to be safe. Milo Minderbinder is not interested in the war at all. He just wants to make profit, and he does by using army planes, equipment and money. He even bombs his own unit to get back on track when one of his ventures fails. Chaplain Tappman wants to help but is always bullied by Corporal Whitcomb, and cannot, even thought he tries, do anything. He is even on the verge of loosing faith on some point. And finally Orr, who annoys Yossarian the most, - the craziest of the craziest, in the end turnes out to have been the smartest :)

Yossarian is dreading for their lives and doesn't want them to die, so he decides to protest against Colonel Cathcart, who is rasing the number of missions just to be famous. Thanks to this solitary battle our bombardier wins some friends but also makes some serious enemies.

Many events in the book are shown to us by different characters. The story is told and retold two or three times so we know it from every angle. We can also notice how the events influence the characters and how they change when related by different people.

Through the language and absurdity of certain situations the author shows clearly that human mind is unable to understand war and will do anything to keep sane. Many dialogues or stories in this book are so ridiculous and absurd that they can make us laugh or at least smile. However, through the smile we feel sadness about the whole stuation.

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