czwartek, 30 kwietnia 2015

Elephanta Caves

           While my visit in India I decided to see the Elephanta Caves.

           You can reach them from the Gateway of India by taking a small boat to the Elephanta Island. The journey takes around an hour and there are a lot of interesting things to see on your way. Mainly ships. Big ships and all over the world too.

            From the distance the Island looks small, green and with a lot of forests. When you enter it there is a small pathway leading to the big sters :) The sings will lead you to the Caves.

The pathway leading from the small boat to theCaves

Before the tide

After the tide

When you don't like walking up the steps - you can hire the chair :)

Shops to buy some nice suvenires

Monkeys are everywhere

First cave

Everything made by human hands



More caves

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