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Dolores Claiborne

               Stephen King is a writer, who we don't have to introduce to anyone. I read some of his books (not all of them yet, but working on it) and my favorite one is Dolores Claiborne

               The book (written in first person) tells a story of Dolores Claiborne, who is being interrogated by the police in connection to the death of her rich employeer Vera Donovan. She tells the story of her life, her marriage to a violent man, her relationship with her daughter and her snob employeer (who turned out to be her best and only friend in the end). The narration feels like a transcription of the confession tape. We have no dialogies with the police officers but we know that they are there. We read the whole book transfixed by the narrator and her story. And there is also a twist at the end :)

              The movie with the same title was a great picture with beautiful performances from Kathy Bates and Jennifer Jason Leigh. One of the not very many cases when the movie and the book are both great.

                 P.S. and the audiobook was awesome with a perfect reader: Frances Sternhagen.  

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