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Twilight (saga)

               Once in a while a book appears and it becomes an instant success almost anywhere it is published. People read it, queue to buy another part, filmmakers try to secure the rights to film it, and the author, from an unknown person, becomes a celebrity. That was, undoubtedly, a case with Twilight saga books.

I first heard about the books after seeing the movie (again). And I even didn't know what movie it was, but watched it but accident. I quite liked it (unlike the rest of the movies). It was an interesting love story with the usual dilemma (in this case: turn her or not) and quite good acting (unlike the rest of the movies). But, going back to the book.

After seeing the film and becoming interested in the story I naturally turned to the books (to audiobooks to be more specific). I would listen to the story almost all day and felt very unhappy when I had to stop to do something else. In fact I have listened to the books many times since the first time, and I will probably come back to it again in a while. I was gripped by the story and the characters. The more I read the more fascinating it became.

I liked that the author reveals details about the characters slowly. We first get to know Bella'sEdward's and Carlisle's stories. Later on Esme tells her tale fallowed by Emmett and Alice. In the third book we find out more about Jasper and Rosalie. They all come from different backgrounds, different times, they all had different dreams when their lives ended, and they deal with what they are in a different way.

But the vampires are just one part of the story and the second one is the Quileute tribe, who can transform into giant wolves. They protect humans from "the cold ones" and they want to protect Bella from turning into the enemy. Especially, Bella's best friend Jacob doesn't want her to change. Introducing the tribe into the story was a very nice move in terms of not losing readers' interest I think. We have a whole set of new characters, very misterious ones, who really exist. For me it was a lifesaver, because on some point you can get sick of Bella and Edward and their everlasting love. The Quileutes seem much more real and human, and some of the character are very funny :)

I liked the books because they speak about love, protection, friendship, keeping promises and trying to do your best with what you get.

I didn't like Bella's relationship with Edward because sometimes it was too intense and controling on his part. He was stifling and too protective in my oppinion. But apparently Bella liked it, so what can I do ;)

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