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World War Z

               There is something fascinating about zombie movies. There have been so many of them already but we seem to be still into them nevertheless. I have recenlty seen "World War Z" directed by Marc Forster and I have to say that it was perfect in almost everything.

Firstly, the mind blowing special effects. Helicopter chases, car chases, explosions and off course thousands upon thousands of zombies, who/which would jump great hights, run and tumble like house of cards. The Israzel-wall scene portrays that perfectly.

Secondly, Brad Pitt. He never fails. I have seen almost all his movies and tere is no doubt in my mind, as I assume in many other people's minds, that he is a great actor. I don't think, however, that he was in a movie with that much action before. Sometimes in such movies the special effect and the acting kills the actor's skills. He/she seems to be invisible. That luckily didn't happen here :)

The only flaw, like in all action movies, is the fact that all the things that can go wrong - go wrong. And that the main character survives it all.

The things which I like most about such films is different, however. They make me wonder about our chances against diseases and epidemics. If such virus like the one in the movies springs somewhere in the world, how will we protect ourselves? Will we be able to survive and fight? 

We have used medicine and vaccines for so long that some of the viruses and bacterias mutated and became immune to them. We need new ones. But will they be developped before it is too late?

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