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Great expectations

                  We all have dreams, plans and expectations in our lives. During our lives we try to realise them to the best of our abilities. What to do, however, if we live knowing that there will never be an opportunity for a change? Wouldn't we grasp at straws? Wouldn't we accept help without questioning the source? Just like Pip in "Great expectations" by Charles Dickens.

Pip is an orphan brought up by his violent sister and her calm, and kind to Pip, husband Joe. One time, when running away from home, Pip meets an escaped prisoner, who forces him to steal food and help him. He is later, however, captured and arrested. Althought Pip doesn't know that, it was this man who will later change his life forever.

Some time after encountering the convict, Pip meets the love of his life - a haughty and beautiful Estella. Her aunt encourages this love but wants Estella to break Pip's heart. Later Pip finds out that he was left a big sum of money and that finaly he will be able to pursue his dream - to go to London and become a gentleman, and hopefully a man who will be worthy of Estella.

For me they story is quite a sad one. We have Pip who is, despite the circumstances, a very good boy. He gets a chance of a better live, but can never forget Estella - the girl who broke his heart, but whom he never stopped loving. She is equally damaged by her aunt, who raised her to be cold, heartless and cruel. Estella's aunt understood her mistake, but it was already too late.

The only ray of hope comes at the end of the book when Estella and Pip meet again. Those two damaged human beings, worlds apart at the beginning of the book, become somehow equals - equal in their status and feelings. Maybe now, in this situation, they will be able to understand and heal each other. Maybe there is still some room for the happy ending.

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