czwartek, 11 lipca 2013

Jennifer Lawrence

             Lately everybody seems to love, praise and admire a young american actress - Jennifer Lawrence :). And who can blame us?

I first saw her in a movie by Debra Granik "Winter's bone". I don't even remember how I came by that film but I really liked it and I was very impressed by the young girl in a leading role. She looked so fresh, innocent but first of all: REAL. Almost the whole movie is carried on her shoulders and thanks to her role I felt engrossed in the story (and the role was not easy at all).

Some time after I saw "Winter's bone" the whole boom for Lawrence suddenly begun. "X-Men: First Class" (and let me say that I cannot wait for the sequel), "The Beaver""Like crazy""The Hunger Games""House at the End of the Street" and finally her biggest success "Silver Linings Playbook". All good and acknowledged movies with great actors and great Jennifer.

She is very young but she can already play - and very different characters too. From a crazy girl to an action heroine, she seems to fit it all. I cannot wait to see her in many more productions and since she is just 22 I'm sure I will.

P.S. I loved her interviews too. Apart from acting she can also entertain people and make them laugh :)

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