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Abraham Van Helsing

                Sometimes a book is written :). Well, maybe more than sometimes. But sometimes there is a character in one book which later appears in other books and films. Its starts a life on his/her own. One of such character is Abraham Van Helsing.

He came to life in 1897 in a Gothic book written by Bram Stoker entitled Dracula. He was asked for help by his friend Dr. John Seward and he came to England to assist him. He recognized Lucy's "illness" immediately and was the one who explained to the others about vampires. He also takes part in the chase where Dracula is finally defeated. He is skilled, knowledgable and a very brave man. Despite being a doctor he believes in supernatural world.

From there on he became a symbol of fight with evil. And as such he appeared in many movies, book and even comic books.

Some of the more famous Van Helsings:

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