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Notes from a small island - Bill Bryson

             I like funny books. Who doesn't I guess :)

I also like traveling and reading about travelling. Especially, when I visited the place myself and can verify some of the facts. It's interesting to compare my observations with someone else's.

We read some of the chapters of "Notes from a Small Island" during our classes at university and somehow the book stayed with me for longer. Almost ten years later I decided to read it in full.

Bill Bryson is an American who came to Great Britain in the 70's. He wanted to see the country, travel a bit and come back home to continue his studies. He didn't know that this short adventure would lead to his stay in the UK for almost 20 years.

When he decides to move back to the USA with his wife and kids he undertakes a solitary journey from one end of the country to the other in order to visit the places he visited when he came here for the first time. It is also a farewell to the land he really loves now. He knows, however, that he will be back :)

The book is interesting because Bill Bryson describes in detail the places he visits. It can serve as a kind of guide for tourists who want to spend some time in Britain. The book, however, can serve other purpose. It can may you cry from laughter. The language is witty (and biting sometimes), the descriptions are accurate, and the whole book makes you want to jump the plane and visit this great, but sometimes strange country :). I know that after reading that book my trips will be much more enjoyable.

The book cover

The author himself

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