czwartek, 3 lipca 2014

Devil's advocate

            Sometimes you see a movie and it stays with you for a long time. You think about it, you came back to it, you watch it again and again, you come back to certain scenes. One of such movies for me was "Closer", but the first ever film which has left me immune to any other film's charms was - "Devil's Advocate".

Back then, in 1997 I mean,  I was on a sort of Keanu Reeves binge. I wanted to see all his movies, and I was - yes - hopelessly in love with him ;). so no wander when I saw "Devil's advocate" in the TV program I wanted to see it. And I have watched it many, many times after that first viewing. I was enthralled. 

I sometimes think about second chances. We rarely get one, but the main character Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) did. He got the chance to see his future and later decide to change it. The question is if he really did.

I really enjoyed the movie and the cast especially. Al Pacino was - not surprisingly - outstanding. Keanu Reeves seems to be very good in such complicated, emotianally exhausting roles. But the greatest was, in my oppinion, Charlize Theron as Mary Ann - Kevin's wife. This is the first movie I saw with Charlieze and I became a huge fan till today.

If one likes movie which make you think and consider one's actions in life I recommend it fully.

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