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Das experiment

          I like European movies, as I think I mentioned before.There are much different from American movies, not only because europeans are different from Americans, but also because we make films differently :)

"Das experiment" follows a story of 20 men, who take part in a psychological experiment. Ten men are prisoners and have to follow any orders from the guards. Guards are given sticks but are told not to use them. They are responsible for keeping order without resorting to violence. As anyone can imagine, the experiment not necessarily goes as planned.

I enjoyed the movie immensely although towards the end it became very violent and unpredictable.

Firstly, I liked the actors, from who I knew only one name Moritz: Bleibtreu from previous movies. This unfamiliarity resulted in more credible story. 

Secondly, the actors were superb. 

Thirdly, the story progressed slowly but steadily allowing the viewers to absorb the psyche of the characters and maybe consider that they would do in a similar situation. One the whole the story line was great.

After seeing the movie I read somewhere that a similar experiment has taken place in the USA. However, the level of violance rose so rapidly that it was stopped.

Well, the German movie doesn't stop and gives us an excellent idea of what might have happened should the experiment continue.

P.S. Haven't seen the American version yet, and a bit afraid to ;)

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