czwartek, 13 listopada 2014


          Some time ago somebody I used to like (and still do although it is beyond me) wrote me after a long time and told me that he liked me too. He was afraid to tell me that for a long time and didn't know how to do it. He hinted on liking me many times but then denied it again and again. 

I was confused and surprised but at the same time pleased. I thought for all this time that maybe I was crazy. 

The problem is: after telling me that he misses me and wants to meet and talk a lot, he - stopped contacting me. We haven't exchanged a word for like two months now. And I don't understand what happened. And I wish I could meet him and punch him real hard.

How dears he to crush my peace again? Who am I? He has no decency to leave me alone? Not even that? Who are people to do something like this? Are they so insecure they have to walk all over other people's feelings?

Wish some day I could find out.

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