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The Racławice Panorama

                 The Racławice Panorama is a beautiful and unforgettable oil panting by Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak. It took one year to paint it. The work depicts a very important event in Polish history: the Battle of Racławice during the Kosciuszko Uprising

The painting is enormous (15x114 meters) and presented in a circular fashion with the viewer placed in the center, so you can turn around and take the whole painting in. You can also come closer and see every scene closer looking at details. And there are very many of them. 

The coolest thing about the paining is the usage of perspective. Where the painting ends real stuff begin. Trees, sand and grass seem to leap out of the work, and sometimes it is hard to notice where the painting ends and the real world begins.

The museum offers an audio tour, which explains certain scenes from the painting.

The panorama is located in Wrocław in a very nice, round building. I recommend it to anyone. In a world of 3D cinema and computer games it is very refreshing to see that something so beautiful was created with human hands without anything more but pure talent.

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