czwartek, 16 stycznia 2014

The Big Bang Theory

          I don't watch sitcoms very often because I prefere movies. However, once in a while I get sucked into one and I get curious about how the story develops. And so it was with "The Big Bang Theory".

        The story revolves around four guys: Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj and a girl Penny

       Leonard and Sheldon are roomates, who one day meet their new neighbour Penny. Leonard takes to her immediately. Later Penny is introduced to Howard (a sex maniac) and Raj (a very shy guy who cannot talk to women). All the guys are very smart scientists, who do research in various fields and work at the university.

       Penny becomes a friend of the boys and teaches them quite a lot about real life. They teach her about comic books,computer games and movies. In later episodes we meet Amy (who starts going out with Sheldon) and Bernadette (Howard's girlfriend and later wife).

       The sitcom is very funny and the subject (the scientists) is quite different from all other sitcoms there are.

The cast

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