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The fault in our stars

            I am too old to read books for young adults I guess, but there are books which do not have the age limit after all. They are interesting for any age people - and one of such books is "The fault in our stars" by John Green

         The book has a lot of teenagers in it. There is Hazel Grace Lancaster, Augustus Waters, Isaac, Monika and many more (whose names we encounter through the book). However, it is not an ordinary book about their lives. They all battle different kinds of cancer.

           We start of with Hazel who is the narrator of the story. She has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer which in later stage spread into her lungs. She has to carry an oxygen tank everywhere with her. Hazel's mother makes her attend a support group because she thinks that Hazel may be depressed. During one of the meetings she meets Augustus. Gus is a cancer survivor and because of that he had his leg amputated, which effectively ended his basketball career. Augustus takes to Hazel the second he sees her and right after the meeting he starts a conversation with her. It turns out that they have quite a lot in common and very soon they become friends. And I will write no more here.

           I really loved the story. I listened to my audiobook a few times already and I am sure it is not the end. It made me laugh numerous times, and it made me cry even more. It made me think about time and its passage and the things I do with the years I have been given in this world. Do I make my best of it? Do I try to use every minute?

          The book made a great impression on me. I should look up more works by John Green for sure :) And I cannot wait to see the movie.

Some of the more beautiful quotes from the book.

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