czwartek, 10 stycznia 2013

Listen to me! ... audiobooks

 Some time ago I discovered a very new (at least to me) way of reading books - AUDIOBOOKS.

I always dismissed that way of reading simply because I'm a very visual person. Not auditory at all (or so I thought). I thought that after listening to some parts of the book I will not remember it after a while. I guess I was wrong :)

My first book was "In cold blood" by Truman Capote. I didn't have an MP3 player or an iPod but just my computer. I would usually listen to the book before going to sleep and very often falling asleep while listening to it :) But it was a great and new experience and it made me realised that audiobooks are for me.

The things I like about them are:
1. mobility: you can listen to the book while driving, going to work or school, in the train or tram, or even when you go to sleep
2. usefulness: you can listen to it when it's dark or when you are in a crowded place, or when you stand in a loooong queue in a shop
3. enjoyment factor: cleaning my house, cooking, doing laundry or any chores are fun since the audiobooks discovery

Audiobooks bring a totally new dimension to book reading. Mostly because the book is strongly influenced by the person who reads it. I have listened to books (like "Harry Potter" series read by Stephen Fry) where the voice-overs were so spectacular that I come back to them over and over again. They are much, much greater than the voice in my head.

Besides, what is better in learning a foreign language than listening to it :)


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