czwartek, 17 stycznia 2013

Love is white in Agra ... Taj Mahal

               What a beautiful country India is!

What colors can you see on the streets, what different people, faces, clothes. What different smells can you smell. And let me add - not always pleasant ;)

Indians are very proud of their country and culture. And they particulary proud of a certain structure built from 1632 to 1653 by Shah Jahan called - the Taj Mahal.

The Taj Mahal is - of course - very beautiful. Everybody was telling me that before I went to see it and I have to say that they were not exaggerating. Everything - from the outlying buildings, the garden and the pool was planned and executed perfectly. And the center piece - the white tomb - is truly breathtaking and grand.

I was positively surprised by the site because I heard many times in India that something was worth seeing, when later it turned out that it wasn't worth seeing at all. Luckily the Taj was :)

Often when I admire art work, sculptures, paintings or buildings I am swept by the fact that people can create such beautiful things with their own hands, and that the ideas come from their heads. It makes me wonder that humans are truly special and that their minds are truly beautiful. Considering that the Taj was built over 400 years ago when the technology was somewhat "less able" than now, we have to admire that monument and people who built it.

Picture by me :)

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