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The Hunger Games ... And may the odds be ever in your favor :)

              I first heard about the book after seeing the movie.

A few words about the latter first. The "Hunger Games" film didn't make me sing or wanna see it again though, but I decided to check the book out anyway. After reading it I understood why some parts of the movie were done the way they were (and why the ending was sort of dragging) and I started to like the motion a bit more. Some scenes were done perfectly (like the one Katniss volunteers to be a tribute or where the tributes begin the games), some, I guess, less so. But it's definately a movie to see.

First, I was very happy to see Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy - the victor from district 12. I think he was casted perfectly for that role although the script didn't let him "spread his wings" so to speak. If only allowed, I believe Harrelson would be an Oscar winner :) Oh well, maybe for the next film.

Second, Jennifer Lawrence, who is becoming an overnight sensation as we speak, as Katniss Everdeen. I was curious to see her in a big production after watching a few of her more "quiet" movies. She is talented, no doubt about that, and she doesn't fail here (again I think the script might have been better). On some point I will dedicate a whole post just to her :)

It was nice to see Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. Such unexpected choice for that role, but so beautifully done by Kravitz. He was so gentle, calm and encouraging in the film. Great casting here I think.

The rest of the actors were more or less unknown to me, but I think that such movies as "The Hunger games" can make young actors stars and open the door for them :)

I'm waiting for the second movie because it's my favorite book. There are some surprises to anticipate and of course the widely discussed cast additions - like Finnick!!! ;)

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Coming back to the book written by Suzanne Collins. As I mentioned in the previous post the story strongly reminded me of Battle Royale. I know that Collins was on some point accused of copying the idea, but there certainly are a lot of differences (as the author of Battle Royale book pointed out).

I really like Suzanne Collins' style. She was able to describe extreme hunger, cold, exhaustion in such a way that sometimes I had the impression that I was able to feel it. The whole idea of a world where everything depends on what part of the country you are born, or the world where you have to fight for survival every single second was difficult to process at times. Even though I know that I live in such a world.

I like Katniss because she is a strong and independent girl who fights to the last moment. For herself and for those she loves. She is able to make difficult decisions and big sacrifices. She is a fighter like Gale and that's why they are good friends. Although the cause for their fight is different. Reading about Gale made me think about people, who are always ready for action. He made me wonder about those who instead of saving their lives - fight regardlessly on their own. He always stands on the front line. Peeta is a great counterbalance for those two. He is brave and strong as well, but on the other hand he is calm and not so hot-tempered - like Katniss for example.

What I enjoyed most was the ending of the whole trylogy. Although sad for Katniss the story makes a circle and comes back to the starting point making us question the whole reason for the struggle.

For me, however, the point is quite clear. We live in a cruel world (I think that the same message Collins tries to convey in her other books from "The Underland Chronicles" series), but it doesn't mean that we should give up. Fight is necessary regardless of the sacrifice.

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