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           My favorite type of movies are "one actor movies" as I call them. In such kind of films we have an excellent actor who performs superbly and you simply cannot look away. You are mesmerized by the character on the screen and the beautiful acting. It doesn't matter if the dialogs sound unnatural, or the plot seems ridiculous or even that the movie sucks. This single performance carries you through the movie and makes you wanna watch it.

I have seen only a few such movies in my life and they make my top - lets say - 5 list, with "Closer" as number #1. Only here instead of one great actor - we have four; instead of stupid - the dialogues are perfect, meaningful and intense; and the plot is truly superb.

Every character in this movie has a flaw. Larry is a caveman, who thinks only of sex. Dan is a romantic hero, who searches for true love. Anna is a depressive, who takes blame for everything. And Alice - Alice is a sweet, lost girl with "an edge", who wants to be noticed, who always pretends to be someone else. What will happen when such different people meet? Can they actually exist in close proximity? Can they understand each other? Can they love and make happy relationships? At the beggining of the movie it seems so ... but there is a catch.

For me, the most interesting were the male roles. I championed Dan through the movie, for he appears to be the good guy who deserves something positive happen to him (although he has a dark side as well). But, in the end, as a romantic hero he has to loose the battle with the real life - Larry. Larry the repulsive guy, who cheats on his wife and treats her like a "whore" (but maybe loves her in his own way). That's what they symbolise for me: romance vs. reality. There is no place for "hearts and flowers" on daily bases. It doesn't matter what you want because true life will get you in the end.

Every scene, every word, every look is - in my humble opinion - a masterpiece in itself. There is this electric charge between the actors and thus - the characters. The cast did a spectacular job on creating a unique atmosphere. Plus (because I love English language) it was great to hear beautiful american and british accents in one movie.

I come back to this story from time to time (or certain scenes) just to feel that energy again :)

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