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Jama Masjid, Delhi

                While sightseeing in Delhi I decided to go and see the largest and the most famous mosque in India: the Jama Masjid (जामा मस्जिद). It is situated in the old and very busy part of the city. The mosque is big and easily seen once you get near it, however, getting into it requires some determination :)

The mosque was constructed in the middle of the 17th century. As I mentioned before it is the biggest mosque in India and around 2500 worshippers can pray in the main square at the same time. It was build by emparor Shah Jahan - the same person who is responsible for erecting the Red Fort in Delhi and the Taj Mahal in Agra. You can enter it through either of three gates. There are two very tall minarets, one of which you can climb and admire the city view from above (quite an extraordinary view).

Before you enter the mosque you have to make sure you are dressed properly. No short sleeves and no shorts. It's best to take something to cover yourself with when you plan the visit. You will also be asked to remove your shoes. Because the main square is unprotected from the sun the stones get very hot and you can easily burn your feet. That's why there are long, fabric-like carpets stretched accross the square and you can comfortably walk on them. I also reccomend the blissful shade.

Despite the big number of people who visited the mosque I was able to sit down and enjoy some peace and quiet and rest from the sun. There are many ornaments and carvings on the floor and walls, which make the surrounding interesting to see. And of course the people immersed in prayers. One can easily imagine sitting here, why people come to visit this place and pray. There is always a certain tranquility in the mosques, which despite their modesty are somehow very beautiful in their shape and decoration.

The entrance

The steps leading to Jama Masjid

The beautiful main facade

The inside

The square seen from one of the towers

Delhi from above

Delhi from above

Pictures by me :)

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