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"Serbuan maut" or RAID

          I read or heard somewhere some time ago about a new, excellent action movie - The Raid: Redemption. I have to admit that I'm not an action films fan, but after reading the description of the plot I decided to risk it and see it.

And I can hardly say how surprised I was upon learning that it wasn't an American movie - but Indonesian!! I guess it only means how well I can do the research that after reading what the movie was about I failed to find out the origin of the production. But, ohhh well .... what can I say.

However, as I mentioned here before in Polish television we don't often have a chance to see any other productions than American or sometimes European. So I decided to use the opportunity to watch something different, and I must say that it wasn't a dissapointment.

Raid is a story of a police invasion on an apartment building, which is inhabited by a dangerous criminal and a drug dealer - Tama. He made the building his headquarters and a true fortress. The police is determined to make the arrest, but there is a very important piece of information which is unknown to the officers who take part in this action. The raid was not scheduled by the police but by Lieutenant Wahyu, who is planning his personal gain from it. From the moment of entry the officers are sentenced to certain death.

There is one man however, who will not give up and get himself killed so easily. This man is Rama (played by Iko Uwais), who is excellently trained and determined not only to survive but also to exercise justice.

The movie is so full of action, fighting scenes and action twists that it can make your head spin practically from minute three. All the fight sequences were made with excellence and precision. I appreciated them even more when I found out that the leading male actor is in fact a martial artist. It makes the fight choreography much more believable and enjoyable.

I can hardly wait for the sequel "Berandal" or "The Raid: Retaliation" which is currently in the filming phase. Uwais comes back here not only as a main hero but also as a fight choreographer again (with collaboration with Yayan Ruhian). I just hope that the second part will be as entertaining as the first one.

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