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We need to talk about Kevin ...

            Some time ago I saw a gripping and chilling to the bone film: "We need to talk about Kevin".

I will not say anything about the plot so as not to spoil the fun for someone who did't watch the movie yet. The story may be a bit difficult to follow at first. We watch a woman - Eva (spectacular Tilda Swinton), who is struggling to live when constantly met with open hostility from random - it seems - people. Untill the mistery of this behaviour is cleared, we wonder about the heroines story. What happened to her, or maybe, what did she do to deserve this?

The movie is basically carried by one actress - Tilda Swinton - who gives a magnificent performance. As I mentioned in the second post I love "one actor" movies. Swinton is no ordinary artist with a unique face, who made Eva a real person. She was not afraid to look ugly or dreadful in the movie, with unwashed hair and a very tired and old looking face. I found her acting inspiring and thanks to it I felt true sorrow for her character.

Worth mentioning are also two boys - Jasper Newell - and - Ezra Miller - who play Kevin.

Jasper is a young Kevin (6-8 years old) and he almost immediatelly made me dislike his character. He is obstinate, resentful and downright cruel. I could almost feel the hate emanating from him through the screen. And this look that gave me the chills. A wonderful performance from such a young actor.

Ezra portrays a teenage Kevin and he is equally creepy as Jasper. You could actually assume that this is the same boy. There is something disturbing in his performance and it suits the Kevin character perfectly.

If you ever wondered "WHY" about somebody's behavior, I recommend this movie wholeheartedly.

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