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Fifty Shades of Grey

             I believe that books are to be read and discussed. And I guess that no other book in recent time has generated so much discussion as "50 shades of Gray" by a British writer E. L. James.

The books tell a story of a young student Anastasia Steele who, to help her sick friend, is forced to do an interview with a young and very successful entrepreneur - Christian Grey. Ana finds Mr. Grey attractive, but also a bit arrogant and very intimidating. After the interview is over she hopes she will never see him again. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately in the end) Mr. Gray has other plans for her and he is not willing to let go of Ana so easily. He persues her and proposes a very special and exciting arragement. Ana hesitates but in the end consents to the proposal and so a totaly new and dark, at times, chapter in her life begins.

I had very mixed feelings while reading the series. It made me often wonder how I would behave in Ana's situation (and I don't mean the sexual relationship, but the emotional one). How I would feel if my "boyfriend" ordered me around, decided everything for me, demended certain behavior. And yet I would feel such attachment to him, that it would be impossible to back out from it all. I must say that I wouldn't like to be in Ana's shoes.

The language of the book and the idea itself are not the most original ones. Yet, I'm thrilled in a way that somebody decided to approach the subject of pure sex (with no love) and the BDSM relations (although I'm not sure wether people who participate in such practice enjoyed the books at all). My appreaciation of the book lies only in the fact that it stirred the public and made us discuss women's sexuality, guilt and sex without love.

I think that popularity of the book proves that the final word about those subjects was not yet said.

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