czwartek, 23 lipca 2015

Millennium Bridge, London

            I am always astounded when I see bridges. They sometimes seem to exist against all laws of physics. How can cables and concrete stay up and be held on pillars? Quite amasing for me.

However, there is a big difference when you walk on a small footbridge across a big river. Just as you can do it in London. Just look up the Millennium Bridge.

The building of the Bridge started in 1998 and the work finished just right for the bridge to be open in year 2000. It links City of London with Bankside, across the lovely River Thames

In 1996 a special competition was announced by RIBA Competitions and Southwark council. Finally the winners, Arup+ Foster and Partners+ Sir Anthony Carowas, were chosen.

I recommend the walk along this footbridge to anyone.

The Bridge

St. Paul's Cathedral in the background

The river

The river

More view

The Cathedral again

and again

The Bridge from the other side

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