czwartek, 30 lipca 2015

In cold blood

                My first audiobook was "In cold blood" by Truman Capote.

I liked the book immediately and I listened to it every night. It was a truly thrilling tale and perfectly written. The way it moved us step by step, the way it penetrated the minds of not only the murderers but also the victims. Later, when I read more about the events which the book describes, I wandered how come Capote knew about it all. I understand that he spent a lot of time with Perry Smith and Richard "Dick" Hickock while they were in prison. I know that he spent many years writing the book and many hours interviewing the murderers and people who knew the victims.

I know that Capote couldn't know all the details and that he filled the blanks with his imagination. I know that many things in the book are his ideas about the crime and people. However, they all make the whole story more gripping and believable.  It all makes the whole story more real.

Despite some criticism I recommend this book as an example on how reality and imagination meet and create new quality :)

P.S. I also enjoyed the movie to the full!

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