czwartek, 9 lipca 2015

Brokeback Mountain

                 I know that some people don't like "Brokeback Mountain" because they don't like homosexuals in movies. It's fine to watch a sitcom where one of the characteris is gay, they usually have some adventures but the rarely kiss or shown while having sex. It's fine then but it's not great when things ike that are presented and shown in  plain view.

I on the other hand enjoyed the movie a lot. Maybe I'm not that prudent I don't know. I treated the story as a regular love story. There are two people who love each other but for some reasons they cannot be together. Here the reason is that they would not be understood and accepted by the society. 

They try to fight the love. They don't see each other, they don't contact each otherthey even get married, have families and kids. But it is too much for them to stay away from each other. And when they meet again the feeling burst out of them anew.

I admire Ang Lee for his bravery and his daring. I admire Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal that they agreed to star in this movie. And they starred magnificently. I admired their talents (especially Ledger's). 

We need more such movies. Movies which discuss difficult and hard subjects with such good taste and gentleness. 

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