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Dallas Buyers Club

         Once in w while a movie is made. An important movie, which deals with social issues, illnesses, poverty ... 2014 is a year of "Dallas Buyers Club" a movie which became a hit right away. And not only that. Additionally, it became recognized by critics. Sometimes those two - fame and recognition - do not go together.

           The last movie I remember (maybe my memory is not that good) which dealt with the AIDS issue was "Philadelphia" from 1993 with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington

            Both movies deal with a similar problem. There is a sick person, he tries to survive, he has to manage hatred, rejection, he has to live despite everything and everybody. He has to show others that he is worth something. The main character struggle through the movie to teach us that people who have HIV or AIDS are not to be ignored, that they want to lead a normal (despite the circumstances) lives.

            How is it possible that in 2014 we are still fascinated by such stories. Despite all the TV programs, all the campaigns, lessons at school we still want to know someting more about the people who are sentenced to death. The reviews and all the publicity after the movie came out made me wonder about the subject again.

              For me the movie was a bit hectic. I got lost sometimes, but nevertheless I enjoyed the story and acting of two great actors Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto (I have been particulary keeping my fingers crossed for him since "Requiem for a Dream").

              Maybe the movie will revive the discussion about those who suffer from AIDS and from society injustice.

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