czwartek, 28 maja 2015

I am beautiful

                When I was riding the bus from work today I was looking at people. All dressed in warm clothes because of Winter. All occupied by their own thoughts just like me.

              Then I saw this guy standing right next to me, he caught my eye right away but honestly I don't know why. I look at him and he smiled, not at me off course but at this girl who came up to him. They started talking and it was obvious that they knew each other. I couldn't see her face well but I assumed she was pretty. She had some make up, long, straight hair. He was drinking every word, looking at her enraptured. THERE - I thought. IF I WAS THAT BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE WOULD LISTEN TO ME TOO. DO I HAVE TO BE BEAUTIFUL TO BE HAPPY? 

                What is beautiful? How can we recognize it? How can we know and how can we be sure  that this beautiful person is good for us? How can you know that while talking to the beautiful person you are not wasting your time, because you should be talking to that girl next to you, who you will never notice because she becomes beautiful at the second glance?

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