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           Verona is a very famous city. Everyone knows the Shakespeare's story about Romeo and Juliet and their tragic love. But there is so much more to the city than just Juliet's house (although it maight be the most crowded place there).

The city is simply beautiful. With it's small, colorful streets, churches, many restaurants and the river next to which you can walk and relax. There is also a a modern part to the city where you can find the best and more expensive shops. Somehow, however, everything - the old and the new - work very well with each other.

Arena is a huge structure around which many turists and Italians gather to sit, drink coffee, eat and talk. The Piazza Bra (a biggest square in Verona) is full of people since morning till dawn. It is quite amazing to sit here knowing that this place was build thousands of years ago, knowing that even back then many people came here to enjoy the games. Just as they enjoy the place now.

the Arena

the Arena inside

beautiful streets

the other side of the river

Teatro Romano

view from the Scala della Regione

view from the Scala della Regione


Juliet's house

Juliet's tomb

Romeo's house




San Zeno Church 

the view

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