czwartek, 22 października 2015


          Since I saw "The fault in our stars" I wanted to see Amsterdam and the places which the characters from the book and the movie visited. So this vacation I dedided to visit Amsterdam and see everything for myself :)

The weather was good for the first two days. Then it was rain and sun, rain and sun. Apparently, that is normal out there.

The architecture in Amsterdam is amazing. During my one week stay I have not seen an ugly building anywhere. Everything was just perfect. There is a lot of small streets there accommodating shops, food places, little cafes, red-light district and of course coffeeshops.

My budget was not large, so I had to choose to what places I wanted to go carefully. I wanted to see Anne Frank House (two hours in line - but so worth it) and I decided to go to the Resistance Museum as well. It seemed to make a nice whole. The last day I visited the Amsterdam Museum and find out a bit more about the city.

Apart from museums there are canals. Everywhere. No wonder that Amsterdam is called second Venice. You can walk along the water admire boats, canoes and houseboats. Amazing and romantic.

Main station


City hall

Rembrandt plain

banch from "Foult in our stars"

Anne Frank House

Van Gough Museum



Storm is coming

clogs manufacture

and the shop

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