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Jane Austen

             Firstly, we have to admire her for her wit and inteligence. Secondly, for the ability to describe society and their behavior. And third, that despite being a woman and living in man's times she managed to publish her books and become one of the most famous writers in all times. I write of course about Jane Austen.

Jane was born on 16 December 1775 at Steventon to a very large family. She had six brothers and one sister, who was her best friend and confidant. Jane showed talent and interest in writing from a very early age. She wrote short stories and poems mostly to amuse her family. Her first serious work Her first serious work was "Sense and Sensibility" published in 1811. The book got good reviews and became fashionable to read. The money which Austen received gave her some financial stability, which was very much appreciated by Jane. Since the death of her father in 1805 Jane's (and her sister's and mother's) financial situation was not very good.

Next three novels by Austen: "Pride and Prejudice""Mansfield Park" and "Emma" were successful as well. Austen became a recognised writer. In 1816, however, Jane started to feel unwell. She did not worry her family with her condition but soon it became apparent that her health deteriorated quickly. She was writing though, despite her illness. In 1817 she was taken to Winchester where she died and is buried.

Two novels: "Northanger Abbey" and "Persuasion" were published after Jane's death by efforts of Jane's sister and brother.

Nowadays people read Austen and still marvel at her talent. Her books are a mine of information, sophisticated vocabulary and wit. They still touch upon important subjects like love, betrayal, social status, money and first of all - woman in society.

Jane Austen

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