czwartek, 22 sierpnia 2013

I am legend

            Will Smith is always interesting to see on the screen. He seems to be able to play anything: action heroes, broke fathers, funny guys and many more. When I saw the "I am legend" poster I wanted to see Will smith in his new incarnation but also New York as I have never seen it before - deserted.

A few words about the plot. Robert Neville (Will Smith), a virologist from New York, is somehow immune to a new virus, which killed almost all people on the planet. We meet Robert and follow him through his unusual daily routine. On the way we find out what had happened to him, his family and ultimately to the whole world.

The whole movie depends almost only on Will and his ability to grasp viewers attention. For 85% of the time he is a lone person on the screen. We watch him eat, sleep, talk to his dog, we glimpse his dreams. He manages his role perfectly I think. We observe his pain, his grieve after loosing his family and later his only friend - Sam. He commends the screen from minute one.

Apart from Will I very much wanted to see New York. It is not like the city hasn't appeared in many movies before, but I have never seen it empty and claimed back by nature (well maybe once in "Decil's advocate" but it was only few secodns and just one street). 

For those who visited New York Im sure the view of empty streets, dilapidated buildings and no yellow taxies must have been at least strange. I watched the city mesmerized just wandering how they managed it. It was quite astonishing to see the Big Apple like that.

I really enjoyed the whole picture. It made me wonder when is the time when we give up. How long are we human? How long does it take for a human (when completly alone) to drop all the pretenses and go savage? How much strenght one must have to keep going when all hope is lost.

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