czwartek, 8 sierpnia 2013


            Denzel Washington is undoubtedly great. He has proven that on numerous occasions and was acknowledged  many times by the critics. He won an Academy award two times and with the movie "Flight" he had a third chance :)

The film portrays a capitan who, while flying a plane from Orlando to Atlanta, avoids a crash and performs a spectacular emergency landing. He saves almost everyone on board. Overnight he becomes a celebrity and a national hero. Noone, however, knows that capitan Whip Whitaker is an alcoholic with additional drugs problem and that before the fatal flight he was drinking and heavily using cocaine. The investigation starts and we observe Whip battling with himself whether to tell the truth or not. 

Denzel Washington proves yet again that complicated and demanding roles and just for him. We observe Whip’s struggle, his natural instinct to deny everything and walk away free, but on some point we begin to notice some changes. Those changes lead us to an unexpected and spectacular ending. While watching the film I could not guess what our main protagonist will do. 

I watched the movie with open mouth enjoying every minute of it. The action and acting are two very strong points in this picture. Strongly recommend.

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