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Heian Shrine - 平安神宮

                In Kyoto there are hundreds of temples and shrines. Some of them are small and some are quite big with vast gardens and lakes. A very beautiful and unigue shrine is Heian Shrine.

While walking to the shrine you have to pass the Heian-jingū's torii (one of the biggest in Japan). It's a towering and beautifuly colored structure, and impossible to miss. It will guide you to the shrine.

The shrine was supposed to be a reconstruction of a palace which stood there during the Heian-kyō times, when the city was a capital of Japan. However, not enough land was bought to rebuild the palace as it was, so a smaller structure was constructed and dedicated to Emperor Kanmu. He was the 50th Emperor and during his reign the capital was moved from Nara to Heian-kyō (now Kyoto).

The whole structure is truly fantastic. The rich orange color, with green roofs and green trees in the background, and pure, light sand. When I visited the shrine the cherries were in full bloom only adding more beautiful colors to the place.

It's a very beautiful place to admire the shrine, walk in the park and feed some pond fish, which (to my surprise) are very popular in Japan's shrines and temples.

A huge Heian-jingū's torii

The shrine begins

The picturesque square

Main Hall

The picturesque square

The picturesque square

Castle with beautiful Sakura


Concert at the lake

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