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James Bond - code name 007

                He is without a doubt the most famous agent in the history of MI6. He is smart, fast, witty and, although here opinions may differ, sexy as hell :)

James Bond was brought to live by Ian Fleming, a well educated and very well connected man. Fleming worked during the Second World War as naval intelligence officer and later as a journalist. His experience helped him in creation of 007 agent. The Bond series is one of the best-selling books in the world - ever - with over 1000 milion copies sold. This number speaks for itself. James Bond is number #1.

 James Bond - as Fleming saw him

I was never a particular fan of 007 movies. I could watch it, it was fun but I was never crazy about it. He was just too perfect there, not like human but some kind of a super human. Not at all my taste.

It had all changed after reading the books. "Book Bond" is different than the "movie Bond". He is of course brave, nonchalant and self-confident. But he's also more human. There are moments where he doesn't know what to do, when he is scared or sad or exhausted. His job affects him greatly and he sometimes, or so it feels, would like to resign. It is also quite visible in the book that he is a very disciplined and hard working man (he exercices and takes cold showers - brrrrrr).

You have to admire Bond. His strong personality, his character, stamina, level-headedness and the ability to work under tremendous pressure. Apart from that he is a witty man, and a bit arogant sometimes. Not a kiling machine, but a person :)

After reading the books my perception of the "film Bond" is a bit warmer and I look at that character with a kinder eye.

Movie Bonds:

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